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Many of the readers of OrdinaryButNotWeird.com have asked me if I could share any practical exercises to improve their creativity. I will try my best to give you a way to define yourself if you don’t know what you’re in this moment in time, any moment in time, it’s quite difficult to create something genuine and soul moving. So below is a little background to how I relieved and nowadays use my anxiety to create.

In a day where most of us are anxious most of the time, it’s hard to sit down and do anything, so you have to start to calm your anxious mind.


I was born in one place, raised in many countries. At the time I was developing this system I noticed proud people everywhere. People that had a banner to run under. I had no such thing, I had not a single place to call home country, I had many homes, I knew I wasn’t “that one thing”. Still, I was jealous of these people that had a banner, to run under. I wanted to know what it felt like. I wanted to know who I was. The image below is the word, that I chose after 16 weeks of hard work. I found out who I was through failure, tears, and joy.

We are You are We're You're limitless

I found everything I ever wanted within myself. This was the first time I felt true joy in life, I wanted more of it. Today, 4 years have gone by fast, I have done many 16 week transformations. I start with a question and I work my way to that last week. No matter what. It’s getting more and more difficult to climb these 16 weeks as each progression has to be more challenging than the previous one to keep me climbing all 16 weeks. There’s no failing, only learning.


Today, I’m embarking on a new endeavor, a new climb. I have 2 questions I’d like to know the possible answers to.


To want, how much is enough?


To belong, how many are left?


These two questions are the result of my last 16-week transformation. I’d like you to start where I started, with “Who are you?”, (not Who am I ).


In my life, I have spoken 5 languages fluently. I have lived among many cultures. Seen the faces of the world. I have always had the desire “to show” my worth. I looked different, and came with a label, anywhere I went. I didn’t have to work hard to get noticed. I had to be articulate to get attention. I had to know more, see more to make to be heard. I walked around with an application form for credit, acceptance, and love. I now know it isn’t wrong to seek such a thing as long as I’m aware of my intentions.

application for credit love and acceptance form


We’re all different. We learn in at least as many ways as there are humans. I will be posting practical advice on “how to” on Patreon, the first week is available for all to try if you like it you support me by joining me on all 16 weeks on Patreon. By paying the membership fee you’ll more likely to actually try the advice. It’s a win-win

I created the 16 building blocks to remind myself of the external desires of a human being for 16 weeks. I wanted to grow.

 After you’ve Climbed the peak of a mountain it’s important to come down. we’re all humans, after all, we aren’t perfect. Sooner or later we will start looking down on others. After you’ve enjoyed the mountain peak on your own, in your own way, come down, enjoy the new you with the ones you love.

 The will of I. It’s not easy to want to be the best version of yourself but it is where I will always meet me.

 Below is a list of what you’ll have to go through during the 16 weeks. Each week you’ll focus on a single word. The first week is free for all, but the remaining 15 weeks will be posted on my Patreon account.

 Noticing – Week 1 – Pay attention


Intuition – Week 2 - How does it feel? What do you think? What does your gut say?


Ego Exploration Affirmative – Week 3 – Try to think of a character that could….


Ego Exploration Negative – Week 4 – I don’t want to be


Willpower – Week 5 – Define that one will (you can’t change it, after week 5)


Permission(s) – Week 6 - Reality vs your world – A-frame, I let myself do A and B but not ...


Fear – Week 7 – Oh this one is quite fun!


Understanding – Week 8 – Understanding not knowing, killing all that you know to understand


Terms and Conditions – Week 9 – Reality vs your world – Rules, frame


Predictions – Week 10 – I’m going to happen to you


The way(s) – Week 11 – Hypothesis, find ways to test your ideas


Shoot – Week 12 – Trying over and over again for 7 days, wow this one is exhausting


Acceptance – Week 13 – Accepting an action, feeling, question, person etc


Results – Week 14 – You know your self how do you want to measure?


Discipline – Week 15 – How strong is your will?


Salt and pepper – Week 16 – Adding, Altering, What’s next?



Week1 - Noticing

first week aret

The best anxiety relief was to understand me, my goals, my intentions. Everything that was me will always be me. If not now, I’ll be late for the battle, I will starve in my search for myself. Living anxiously, rushing my way to you is an endlessly spinning circle that’ll propel me further away from the truth. Therefore I’ll stop, and look. I will look at my walls, everything that is me at this moment in time, I will notice.”



Week1 is usually the toughest for me, every time I start a 16-week project, I’m the most confused during that first day of the first week. It usually takes 4 days for me to catch my thoughts. I let them flow freely for 3 days, I try my best to notice as many as I can, I ask no questions. On day 4 That’s when I start questioning their origins, intention, and value. This is the good part, and it’s the 4-6th day I usually realize why I’m doing this and that usually gives me the power to go on.


I don’t search, I just follow a hunch. It’s what lead me here so I think I’m gonna stick to it.”


All you have to do this week is to notice. I won’t give you too many instructions, just a few, to get you going, but the fact is you’ll have to find a way to steal your own attention. The first week is all about stealing your own attention. There are no teachers that can teach you the “how to.” Everybody is still learning how to steal others.


Meditate as much as you can, in the morning, while eating, while cleaning dishes, while preparing food or before bedtime. Meditating is noticing your thoughts by focusing on your breath. Anything that steals your attention from your breath should be studied by you. Anything that gives you a better option than meditating should be studied thoroughly.


I will look at how my family members talk to each other, I will look at how I breathe, I will look at how I walk. I will look at my walls. Everything that is me, in this moment of time, I will notice. All the 16 weeks will be available on Patreon.

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