A tree

A tree

What do you think when you see a tree?
Do you think of its beauty?
Do you think of its size?
Do you think of the tree's roots, that used to be tiny seeds?

When you see a tree, do you say the word tree in your head?

Do you walk by a tree without thinking of it?
What makes you notice a tree?
What do you think when you see a tree?

How do you know if it's alive or dead?
When does a tree die?
When it's removed from the ground?
When it's cut down or replanted?

Through a tree, I started to hear. I heard its roots, and its leaves fall to the ground. I fell in love with the tree after hearing what it had to say.

Listening is a choice; it's a production; there's a director. Hearing is free, like the wind. It comes uninvited as something unwanted. It comes in languages foreign to us all. Learn the language to hear all things, and you'll find peace.

*There's a canvas of the drawing made for this framed thought, take look below.*

Canvas for sale a tree poem a framed thought by OBNW

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