Lost in Lust

Lost in Lust

My eyes prey on the bad. I chase comfort. I like the feeling of losing my breath to the beauties of the world. The ones born in the world of 2's - where everything can be disputed and cloned. 

My name is Lust the beast. I'm a beast dancer, I dance to the beat of my desires alone. The beauties from the world of 2's, love my simple mind. In their eyes, I'm charming, elegant and most desirable. To them - I'm undeniable.

"Beauty, oh beauty, days of anticipating what we’ll do together have never

been brighter. Days spent on thinking of you are the days that never end. Thank you for being my escape." - Lust the beast

"Lust the beast, the embodiment of lust itself, the most elegant dancer of them all, which of my children should I feed you today?" - Beauty, oh beauty

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