Meaningless happiness

Meaningless happiness

What will you do when a moment that made you smile
becomes a thing of the past?

Having the potential to do or being close to "it" before you eventually stop. You have pushed and pushed seen the ends of things. The ends have brought nothing but sadness and longing for more of the same. Leading to an empty place somewhere in time and space. No windows, no doors. Hopeless. Nothing comes in, nothing gets out. Emotions get numb. Decisions blurry. Breaths are heavier and somehow there's still taste for simple happiness.

Meaningless roams. Meaningless gets a job. In meaningless, you find the kind of peace you sought. Meaningless brings back fragments of color, fragments of smell. Bit by bit, you get to be reminded of a different you. You look different. Your gaze is empty. Your movements lack intent as if they were pointless. Long hours spent on thinking about past events and future plans. Only tomorrow knows the fruitless nature of these thoughts. Until you decide to stand up tall and move. Until meaningless happiness becomes too sad, you'll linger in abyss till the end of days.

Pick up your sword. Hop on your horse. Conquer







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