The old lady, The witch, Farhia

The month of March is when the international mother’s day is celebrated. From the 1st to the 31st of march all the content posted here will be related to the most developed female character from my book. As a male, it was quite difficult for me to develop this incredible character. She has the values of a kind and warmhearted mother. Meet the old lady, the witch, Farhia. This character has had so many names in the 4 years I’ve been working on this book. She is based on the many mothers to my dear friends and of course my own mother. One of her names is my mother's nickname, which is Farhia. Farhia means happy or the one that makes others happy. Describes my mother well. The image is taken from the first conversation about the witch in the book. I'll post her entire chapter bit by bit throughout the month. Peace and love!l. 


This is the introduction of her character in the book.

Open your eyes, my lord.


Bird, oh bird, I’ve seen this framed thought in the place of the dead and done. They believe in happy endings and love to consume tales of hope, love, and happiness.


My lord, it’s because their reality is colorless, tasteless, there’s no hope, love nor happiness in their place called home. Escaping their reality is their main goal. I heard, there’s a witch among the dead and done, quite different from them.


Bird, oh bird, yes, the witch is a wonderful being. Although mean, unlike you the witch’s intentions are clear. She was born a long, long time ago, in a world far different from this. The witch passes out every time she realizes her own existence. Her presence vanishes in an instant only to come back confused.


My lord, The witch sounds like an interesting being. Tell me the tales of the witch from the dead and done.


Bird, oh bird, I think you might enjoy the conversations between the witch and the naked mind. The witch and the boy in the tunnel. The tales of laughter, golden crown, and hope. Tales of her beloved teacher Ohm the beast. Which one would you like to hear first?


My lord, I want to hear them all!


Bird, oh bird, rest on my shoulder, take a deep breath, rhyme, and frame these thoughts with me.






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