The true bird





The true bird

The most complex character there’s been.

The most elegant character they’ve seen.

The true bird

One bird to see them all

One bird to inform them all

The most commendable | The most praiseworthy | The promised bird is here

It lifted the magic spells | Open the gates for days without walls

Days without worry | Days of anticipation | Blind hopes | Open the gates

See the magic disappear before your eyes

The true bird is always in the air. It never rests. Surrounded by cages all it could do was to fly or be places in a cage. It chose to fly.

The one true bird’s beauty is unrivaled. Blue and white feathers, resembling the white clouds and blue skies.

The true bird doesn’t belong to any place – such burdens are for the grounded.

Have you seen the true bird’s beauty? Have you felt its scent brought by the winds that were created by the bird’s wings? Have you heard the bird’s tweet?

I will show you my beauty in everything you see!”

Bird, oh bird, in your endeavors of telling your story.

Are you doing it to free, unite, or separate?


My lord, I bow down to none but you, and you know it to be true.

You are my king, my queen, my teacher, my priest, my love, and my peace.

Thus I’d never do any harm to you. What makes you think of these things about me, my lord?






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