You're always on my mind

You're always on my mind. I've been in love with you ever since my first memory. Thinking of you warms my body in the cold, served by life. I've lived near the place you call home for about 9 months. The first feeling of warmth was felt sitting next to you. Your smile has been the walls of safety for many years and will be as long as the sun sets to rise again. You refused the sheep's cloth. I've witnessed your strength, first hand, through your struggles to put lights all around me. In the place I call home there's a picture of you smiling in the sunshine.




I started this blog to gain followers for my upcoming book. All the pieces presented in this blog are from the book. If you like the content please consider contributing by buying a drawing. You can enter the shop by clicking on the image. It will open a new window. I wish you a great day.


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