About me

I think I’ve done an OK job as a salesman thus far. I'll try to sell my personality to the largest crowd yet, as it is the item I've sold the most. 

My ambition is to create and develop an amazing world. A world of my own. A place that fills my void and ends my longing only to open new paths for the next void and new longing. Over and over again until I'm at peace. I will create characters and stories that reflect my inner thoughts. I will show you the man I'm through the lenses of my characters personalities and faces.

I want my name and deeds to live far after my eyes seen the last light. Far after my lungs drawn the last breath. I want to belong to the leagues of the ones that formed my dreams by inspiring me through their beautiful personalities, their art. I want to become the spark, the inspiration for generations to come. I want to leave this beautiful world more beautiful and fearless of the new. I’m Axmad, remember my name. 

To me writing means calmness, silence and at times an image of my soul.

To write beautifully, one must walk alone under the black sky full of stars. One mustn't think in absolutes or ultimatums. Live and walk free. To write beautifully, you must become your characters. Only then will you feel true freedom and joy in your endeavors of telling a story. To write beautifully, you must think of the unthinkable, the undesirable, and the unwanted. Sanity isn't the answer. It isn't the question either. At the gates of insanity, you surely will find your true self. The muse presents itself only to the worthy. To write beautifully, one has to give up itself. Don't become one thing. Don't concentrate on narrow-minded values and limited ideas. Knowing all there is to a story, one has to be humble and respectful. This blog is for the intelligent and the none anchored mind. I'm telling my journey through the labyrinth of life to the open-minded. There's no prejudice, hatred towards any religion, nor of any lifestyle. This blog, although mostly fictional hopefully, will provide peace to the young seeking soul and guidance through the many walks of life. Please read it with an open and peaceful mind. By writing beautifully, I get to escape the chains of my beliefs and the magic of my mind. “- OBNW


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